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Welcome to the second edition of Laminate creative output as we continue to showcase the best of Art Design and Culture. We look back over the top stories from 2010, meet with the founders of some of the most inspiring design studios and explore the ground breaking and bountiful Celeste prize.

33 minutes of video and 10 minutes of audio content.


By Tania Brassesco & Lazlo Passi Norberto

This artwork is part of the photographic project “THE ESSENCE OF DECADENCE – Photography interpreting Decadence’s painting”. The images, the offspring of the research of lost time, reveal the “panic for the inevitable deception that enmeshes our lives, the total ruinous fall in this terrible condition” (Auerbach) that is renewed in the silence of the contemporary shots. In a time of political and cultural crisis, the dusty atmosphere of the atelier transforms itself into the glossy patina of the photograph without losing the sensation of the cliff from which the artist inevitably falls.

The melancholy of a look lost in another dimension, the boredom, the spleen evoked in the 15 works reveal the sensitivity of new artistic means which were being questioned and discussed at the time when these paintings were being realized. The immortality of Schiele’s models, the bitter mystery of Klimt’s women, the enigmatic muses of minor artists live again in a new form touching with their sighs the contemporary image, offering to our eyes the chance to remember famous artworks, to discover less celebrated works and to enjoy times and outlooks often neglected.

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