A super-normal eco hero is born in Paris!
written, directed & produced by Jerome Genevray.
with Aurélien Jégou, Alysson Paradis, Diane Dassigny.
Music by We Are Enfant Terrible and Emmanuel d'Orlando.
d.o.p. Arthur Le Ret, costumes by Melisande de Serres.

also with Camille Hédouin, Quentin Albagnac, Guy-Roger Duvert, Cedric Boyer, Laurent Droguet, Eric Esculier, Christophe Botti, Samuel Barougier, Mélisande de Serres, Anne-Cécile Boulais.

1st Assistant Anne Cécile Boulais, make up Samantha Penne, dop assistant Sylvain Patry.
logos designer Romain Télléchéa, leaflet by Christophe Steffan.
photograph Guillaume Serres.

compositing by Yannick Puggioni, 3D leaflets by Cyril Kravtchenko.
editing & color by Jerome Genevray.
sound editor Nicolas Bourgeois , re-recording mixer Vincent Cosson / StudioKGB.

Green Boy's song by WE ARE ENFANT TERRIBLE: Clotilde Floret, Cyril Debarge,Thomas Fourny.
lyrics by Camille Hédouin.
music by Emmanuel d'Orlando.

thanks to Camille Hédouin, Julien Siehr, le 37m2 - (c) 07/2010 - genevray.com
Shot in Paris in natural light with DSLR Canon Eos 7D & 550D, produced in 3 weeks without money..


YouTube Honnor:
#2 - Spotlight Videos) - France

"Genevray has created a 3 minutes video trailer that features a heavy eco-message, which is to keep away as much trash as possible from the landfills by reusing and recycling old things. I am super excited to see whether he wins over Dirty Girl or changes the meaning of the "L" sign from Le Greenboy to lose" (GreenDiary.com)

"Un film écolo loufoque crée le buzz" (Journal Du Dimanche, JDD.fr)

"Vous connaissez le service après vente des émissions. Mais pas le service après honte des pollutions: il s'appelle Greenboy. Impressionnant, n'est-ce pas?" (Gizmodo.fr)

"It does have an artistic quality to it, featuring a heavy eco-message. Given the troubles in the Gulf of Mexico, now may be the perfect time for its release (...) It has something that franchise based movies do not: originality." (airlockalpha.com)

"Je vous laisse apprécier l'engin tourné avec un appareil photo 7D et un 550D. C'est assez bluffant de qualité." (nerdalors.fr)

"Il est le défenseur de la veuve et du rosier nain, pourfendeur du mégo de cigarette, aspirateur des places publiques, voici... Greenboy! Très amusant!" (geekdefrance.fr)

"Holy Unicorns! It's good, very good. (...) The production quality of the trailer is excellent and the concept certainly has potential. I do hope this film gets made." (pulpmovies.com)

" MEET LE GREENBOY: France's Super Enviro-Hero and Yes, His Nemesis Is A Chick Called Dirty Girl. It is remarkably high on quality and has a pretty catchy tune that I've been humming for the last twenty-five minutes..." (forcesofgeek.com)

"Félicitations à Jérôme pour cette superbe mise en scène, j'ai été conquis !" (blogamer.fr)

"The production quality is really good... I can definitely see the potential." (geektyrant.com)

"Made with little money but a lot of passion" (firstcomicsnews.com)

"'It's really quite a charming little film, and fits right in with what we at Multiversity like to bring to your attention" (multiversitycomics.com)

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