In this video, it shows me and a few of my family members go on a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, CA. My auntie from China just barely arrived the day before so we are showing her out as well.

First, we took a nice walk through the Monterey Cannery Row to the aquarium. We saw the Kelp Forest exhibit as well as a large octopus! We also saw a scuba diver feeding the fish inside the Kelp Forest exhibit. There were even sharks in there! We also saw various sea creatures as we continued through our exploration through the facility. We also had a little fun time where the tide slams over us (at 5:54 in the video). There were also penguins and we had fun playing with them.

Later, we had lunch at the Portola Cafe & Restaurant. I had a great meal. It consists of a bowl of clam chowder and a nice slice of pepperoni pizza with a drink of sprite on the side. We had a nice view of Monterey Bay from our dining window, unluckily it wasn't sunny though.

After lunch, we went outside again and we saw a single otter in the middle of the "lagoon" area. We also took a look of the Monterey Bay. It's still foggy...oh well. Then here comes my favorite part: the jellies! So we went to the "The Outer Bay" section of the facility that contained all the jelly fish. There were Pacific Sea Nettles, moon jellies and a few others. Then we moved on to see some sea urchins and then onto the sea horses. My favorite was the sea dragons! They match with the kelp background. Then we saw some flamingos. While at the flamingo site, we saw the sea level prediction by the year 2100. Scary! Then after that, we saw some tropical fish and more jellies (the spotted jellies). Lastly, we saw the green sea turtles. It reminded me of the movie, Finding Nemo!

That was all that we have seen at Monterey Bay Aquarium. Hope you guys enjoy the video!

(Footage taken on October 2, 2010 in Monterey, CA in the Monterey Bay Aquarium with my Canon Powershot SD1100 IS Digital ELPH camera.)

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