"Emma and Molly's Pet Yeti" is a story about two sisters building gigantic snow sculptures in their backyard with their mythological best friend. This is a sneak preview of the final film. A very special thanks goes out to everyone who has helped bring this film to life:

Director: Matt Doering
Producer: Courtney Hood
Production Manager: Nick Allred
Music by: Brenda Elthon

Evan Hart, Sagan Lacy, Lauren Duda, Bridget Underwood, Tyler Kupferer, Katie Stoltze, Chrystin Garland, Natalia Mercado, Zane Yarbrough, Zelda Vinciguerra, Tanji James, Dan Woodling, Cassandra Poulson, TJ Liedel, Nathan Taylor, Steve Roberson, Mike Walker, Sean Rhodes, Jake Ellis

Seriously, you guys are awesome!
Enjoy the video!

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