Watch the video above of Fr. Bruno M. Shah, O.P. on the "Biblical Anthropology of the Body." These videos are the first part of "Theology in the City: The Threefold  Body  of  Christ," the 2010-2011 lecture series held at the Church of Saint Vincent Ferrer in New York City. This same series is being delivered at St. Mary's Church in New Haven, CT. Fr. Shah, Fr. Walter Wagner, O.P., and Fr. Jonah Pollock, O.P. will each present three of the nine talks. The lectures are free and open to the public on the first Monday (NY) and second Monday (CT) of each month at 7:00 pm.
Theology in the City: The Threefold Body of Christ   
The Natural Body Born of Mary  

Biblical  Teaching  on  the  Body  - Oct 4, 11
Early  Challenges  and  Confessions  of  the Church - Nov 1, 8
Christ's  Temptation,  Suffering,  and  Death - Dec 6, 13 
The Sacramental Body of the Eucharist 

Biblical  Teaching  and  the  Early  Church - Jan 3, 10
The  Doctrine  of  the  Real  Presence  - Feb 7, 14
The  Real  Sacrifice  of  the  Mass - Mar 7, 14
The Ecclesial Body of the Faithful

Biblical  Teachings  on  the  Church - Apr 4, 11
The  Mystical  Body  of  Christ - May 2, 9 
The  Worshiping,  Sacramental  Body - Jun 6, 13

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