Students for Sensible Drug Policy at VCU held the first Annual Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference to discuss drug policy with current and retired members of law enforcement, health professionals, lobbyists, and legal professionals.

In Part 3, the topic for discussion was "Safety on Urban Campuses, Surviving Police Encounters, and Your Rights."

Michael Liszewski, a student at UDC Law School and board member of SSDP advised people when dealing with Police to be respectful but to never consent to a search, nor even emptying your pockets. He also reminded us to "invoke" our right to remain silent and our right to demand legal counsel.

Chief John Venuti, Chief of Police for VCU, spoke to the group about his work as a Richmond Police officer of 26 years and his current role to keep VCU students safe. He enjoyed the opportunity for an open discussion and he feels that mutual respect is a cornerstone of police professionalism.

Kristen Kidd Donovan, VCU Substance Abuse Coordinator, enjoys her job and likes having honest discussions with students about the effects of drug use.

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