Now the US versions of the original attraction have closed, here is an edit that was six months in the making.

Start way back with the history of attempting to use a motion base as an attraction, then see the developing relationship between George Lucas and Michael Eisner. Follow the ride planning, with a full concept and construction section for both parks. See the Disneyland opening, and changes added over the years. Next see the original Disney-MGM exteriors and also changes made over the years. This is followed by a full tour of the Disney's Hollywood Studios exterior as it was before closing and a look at the differences to the preshow and boarding area layout. The take a full look at the Disneyland queue and preshow areas, again just before closing, shot by Chris Bales.

Next is the full multi camera, mostly tripod shot preshow in both the lower and upper rooms. All droids, Starspeeder effects, video wall, details, everything - both the R2D2/C3P0 and GT-4T and GT-9T preshows are shown in full from multiple angles, with source audio. Wander through the line taking in the details, arrive at load and watch the overhead monitor as your flight to the moon of Endor is prepared, followed by the safety video - again tripod shot with source audio. Next walk into your speeder for a split screen full ride using source ride film and incabin coverage of REX, the side video screen and the in-cabin effects. This is set to a new stereo source mix of the ride audio, remixed to bring the score forward more and with added incabin audio effects to sound just like the attraction did.

Finally, exit the Disneyland ride and walk into the store, then exit the Orlando version and walk into the store too. Finally, take a look at both closed attractions as the adventure gets ready to continue.

65 minutes long. Enjoy!

**This Video Has Been Split Into Two Parts, So That It Would Meet Vimeo's File Size Requirements - If You Wish To Download The Full Video In One File, Please Visit**

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