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ReMade is a documentary focused on telling the story of makers and
hackerspaces within the DIY movement and the personal journey of
members of what are known as hackerspaces: workshop collectives
that allow its members to pursue any projects of they desire.

ReMade reveals how these hackerspaces are shaping the communities
they exist in and how they are fostering exciting new methods of

The collective work and ideas of the creative people in the
DIY movement are opening a new world of inventiveness and
creativity…of making that could very well change the way production
occurs on a worldwide scale.

Yet ReMade doesn’t just focus on telling this modern maker tale but
also strives to search deep within humanity’s maker past, to previous
eras of vast creative expression and how each time it has occurred
technological innovation has thrived.

Examples are the Mechanic's institutes of the 1880s that inspired
World Fairs, the hobbyists of the 1950's and the homebrew
computing clubs of the 1970's.

ReMade is not just about this latest maker movement, but how it
is intimately linked to the past. How regardless of epoch different
makers all share an ambition to make their dreams a reality through
their creative prowess.

By supporting this documentary, you will help us raise the necessary
funds to upgrade our equipment and to improve our travel
budget to properly cover the unfolding story of this movement.

Thanks for watching.

Electromagnate is a small group of hackerspace members who are
dedicated to showing the maker and DIY community to the world.

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