Single Channel HD Video, 11:10 mins., Color, Sound, 2010

“Prelude, Peter” documents a stream-of-consciousness. The video is both an experiment in immersing viewers into another person’s thoughts and a rendering of the psychological complexities of being human in a world of unpredictable circumstance. Peter, the protagonist, recounts his experience of contracting a rare form of meningitis that necessitated the surgical amputation of his legs. In a brief interval, “Prelude, Peter” draws us into the perceptual realm of a bilateral amputee.

"Prelude, Peter is" oftentimes partnered with "Sonia, Interlude" in an installation, entitled "Duet", which explores perceptions on pain. The two videos play at alternate times. Both videos may also be presented in single channel format.

Stomper at Kings ARI, Melbourne, Australia - 2012
Whistling in the Dark, Stomper, London, UK - 2011

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