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These tie products by Rumpel Silk Skin are incredible. The owner, Spring Garrett, makes all kinds of things out of recycled ties. We have reviewed three tie products: her tie wallet, neck pocket and the back purse. But she also makes quite a few other things such as wine holder, tie skirt, a little snake toy, pouches and bags, cell phone pockets, and even a tie pillow!

Here's a little bit of history on the ties she uses: silk ties are beautiful examples of textiles at their finest. In their original purpose ties are worn by men as a signal to the world. These ties say something about the wearer…what they do, what they like, how they feel. Now these ties communicate something else that the wearer of Rumpelsilkskin creations desires and delights in making the most of what we have.

Rumpelsilkskin’s garments and accessories are a fun and easy way to add zest to a simple outfit. Wear them over a plain colored knit top with jeans or dress pants and you have an outfit that won’t soon be forgotten. You’ll get many compliments as people recognize the form of the ties but have never seen them worn that way before.

The shape of the ties and their fabrics inspire the creation of a wide variety of items from garments and pillows to pouches and wallets.

I invite you to explore these fun and unique creations and see how beautiful going "green" can be.

- Recycled tie
- True nature lover!

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