Tele-Harmonium for piano and virtual performer

Premiere performance, Polytechnica de Bovisa, Milano Italy as part of the 2010 MiTo Festival

Piano: Chryssie Nanou
UDKOSC: Robert Hamilton

Music by Robert Hamilton
Art Direction by Chris Platz

Tele-Harmonium is the first piece realized using UDKOSC, a modded UDK (Unreal Development Kit) project which incorporates an Open Sound Control implementation (OSCPack by Ross Bencina) to allow in-game motions and actions to drive synthesis and spatialization in a SuperCollider sound server. In this way, messages like client and projectile positioning, actor motions, etc. from the game engine are sent formatted as OSC messages over UDP to OSC-capable multi-channel sound engines written in a variety of computer-music languages (SuperCollider, ChucK, Max/MSP, PD) and used to control complex sound and music generation code. Similarly, messages from the sound engines (i.e. measuring microphone amplitude or a musical note's frequency) or external controller data (i.e. iPad or Wiimote) can be sent back into UnrealScript via a thread running in the DLL, and used to control a variety of UDK params (system gravity, game speed, projectile homing target location).

The piece makes use of Scarlatti's Sonata For Keyboard in D Minor, K.213 (L.108) "The Lover" as a central theme, both through direct quotation and through modification.

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