30 Videos/30 days CHINA: EP-13/Day 13

"The Great Wall Of China"

If you have never hiked the Great Wall, I don't think there is any way to understand the scale of it, I think that you really need to be in a spot with nothing else around for miles except for a long winding wall that snakes through the mountains like an endless python to really understand. I hope this video gives you a glimpse of what the journey was like. Beginning from the bus ride and all the drama that ensued, to the immensity of the wall and finally the setting sun, please take a walk with us.

The music used is from the Nine Inch Nails album Ghosts and is licensed for use under the Creative Commons.

30 Videos/30 Days:CHINA, was a project I did in collaboration with Parsons New School for Design. Every year for the past three years Parsons organizes a month long trip to China in order to collaborate with a number of different Chinese University's. The idea of this series was to create one video for every day of the trip that some how represented the experiences of the day in a creative way. For the most part the goal was achieved and actually exceeded, some days were so long and eventful there were multiple videos made and the final amount of episodes exceeded well over 30 videos. I managed to keep up the editing for the first 15 days of the trip while in Beijing, but as the trip moved to E-Arts in Shanghai the days began to get more complex. In order to compensate for these complexities, I had to shoot more video and the shoots got longer and longer. So in the interest of getting the footage, the editing had to take a backseat. The days in China were very unpredictable and I never knew which group was doing what or which group I would be following on what days. Every day was a new challenge to over come and a new test in the endurance of producing a massive amount of content with out an chance for pre-production or planning.

The project resulted in a webseries that chronicles the experiences and exploits of 3 groups of students from Parsons School of Design. The New Media group, whose focus was on Design and Technology, while experimenting with different devices developed by the Tsinghua engineering department. The Humanitarian group, whose focus was on developing ideas and concepts dealing with Disaster Management Capacity Building (DMCB) and Migrant Youth in collaboration with Nokia and Mercy Corp. The Sight=Site group, focused on the creation of fine art under the Exquisite Corpse model. There were also non-academic days where most of the students had the day off, except for yours truly, so I went on a few adventures to make sure that I would have some interesting footage to turn into a video for that day.

Special thanks to my friends: Xuan Zhang, James Hung, & Lan Xi, without their help this series would not of been possible.

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