This is a story of women who have been through breast cancer. But the message is true of any huge life challenge. When the path isn't easy or clear, even the smallest step makes a difference. And even when we are alone, we are surrounded by more love than we can imagine. [Read more about this story at]

The lyrics and music of One True Step were written by Lucy Mathews Heegaard, after witnessing many friends go through breast cancer. The song is available at iTunes for download. Physical copies of the CD single can be purchased for $5 each by emailing All proceeds from sales are donated to breast cancer research.

Having lost one of my closest friend to breast cancer, I have a strong commitment to causes that support people going through the disease and which show promise for finding a cure. While I have supported the Susan G. Komen Foundation for many years, my breast cancer research fund of choice now is The Elizabeth Alling Sewall Endowment for Breast Cancer Research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, named in memory of my dear friend. Elizabeth was known for her unshakable honesty, immense integrity, high-octane energy, and ability to connect people quickly and easily in a sense of shared community. Read more about Elizabeth's namesake research endowment at

Enormous thanks to the women who sent personal photos and journal entries from their experience of breast cancer to illustrate the story. By order of appearance, they are: Susan, Paula, Mildred, Paddy, Lyn, Elizabeth, Mardie, Carol, Lynne, Margie, Kris, Yana, Pam, the board of the African-American Breast Cancer Alliance, Susan, Judy, Grace, Linda, Deborah, Suzanne, Carol, Ronnie, Nancy and Hazel.

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