Joel, who also appeared on Shows #28 and 44 with his partner and wife, Serafina, is probably the most famous and inspirational harpist in the world. The "Golden Harp of Joel Andrews" is a world renowned designation for Joel's music. He is a gifted, highly-trained, spiritual renaissance musician and author of the book, "A Harp Full of Stars", that chronicles his last 20 years as a music healer. He tours world-wide raising consciousness through concerts, workshops and individual sessions. The Higher Forces work through the music, with a system of symbolic interpretation which intrinsically links the outer combination of tones, intervals, chords, and patterns with the inner essence of their meaning, to bring about healing on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes.

Serafina, who also appeared on Shows #28 and 44 with her partner and husband, Joel, is a gifted sensitive, Renaissance woman. Opened as an oracle in 1985, she brings the gift of angelic voices to the Earth. Her recent book, "Keys of Passage" leads us in quantum leaps toward humanity's purpose and destiny. She conducts seminars and retreats on "Opening Your Life to the Angelic Presences." Serafina shared some of her magnificent, heart-felt poetry with us.

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