Kazan is the capital of the republic Tatarstan in the eastern part of the Russian Federation. Kazan will be hosting the 2013 Universade and candidates for the 2018 World Championship Soccer. It is to be expected that this city is going to be the number one city of sport in Russia. August 30 is their national day and specially for this occasion NuFormer was invited to do a 3D projection on the Theatre in the city centre. The projection was a gift from the city to its citizens. The Theatre is a beautiful monumental building and formed the canvas for the projection.

The content was custom designed to highlight the theatre's architectural elements. In this projection NuFormer modeled and animated the national symbol, the snakelion and integrated it into the projection. 20.000 people were present to watch the show.

Full production by NuFormer together with JVR (Holland) and Smart & Bright (Moscow).

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