When our Chinese friends of the International designers’ Network (IdN) asked us to create a logo animation we came up with the idea of creating an ice sculpture. This turned out to be quite a challenge.

Building a mold failed miserably the first few times, as the force of water molecules during the process of freezing was a lot stronger than expected. Eventually a construction of iron and wood turned out to be the solution. It lasted for five days, just long enough to shoot the content we needed. We used four photo camera’s (tethered shooting) and a regular HD video camera. We shot about 40 hours of footage for an edit of 15 seconds.

All works designed, directed and produced by PlusOne.

Client: IdN
Direction: Martijn Hogenkamp
Production: Marcel Vrieswijk, Geert Jansen
3D/VFX: Tim van der Wiel
Gaffer: Jac van der Wiel
Mold creation: Jac van der Wiel, Tim van der Wiel
Sound design: Studio Takt

Follow us on:
Twitter: twitter.com/plusoneams
Facebook: facebook.com/plusoneamsterdam
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/plusone

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