40 plus years before someone came up with "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas", some lady came up with the original slogan in her bomb shelter! This is that story.

We entered the 48 Hour Film Project, for a second year - 2008. We drew the genre, "Historical Fiction". Yuck!!! The character had to be "George or Gina Longfellow a P.R. whiz". Give me a name like that and I'm going to mess with it, so I did!

I called my wife Sheila, with the genre. I suggested that we do the Cuban Missile Crisis, but have it so it actually happened. We had the silver room set from EXILE, so I wanted it to be a bomb shelter. I was thinking of a thriller where the last survivors were willing to kill for what food and water was left.

When I got home, Sheila had her own story worked up! It was more of a dialogue, comedy piece. That was a departure from my usual fare, so I basically became the director of photography, while Sheila told everyone what to do and say.

I knew Justin and Heather, but I met Jason (the leading man) that night. He didn't know he was going to be in the movie, but we needed somebody, and thankfully, he obliged!

Again, shot with the HVX200.

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