Few words about the early history of Padise Monastery:

The year 1317 saw the start of the construction work of the independent Padise Monastery. The St. George’s Night Uprising of 1343, during which, according to chronicles, Estonians killed 28 monks of Padise and burned down the monastery, was only a minor setback. The heyday of the monastery came in around 1400, by which time, in addition to its extensive possessions in Estonia, the monastery had purchased lands in Southern Finland near present-day Helsinki, also in Porvoo, Sipo and Pernaja. At the beginning of the 15th century, however, the monastery sold its property in Finland and Livonia, and even though new lands were acquired in the vicinity of Padise and elsewhere in the present-day counties of Harjumaa and Läänemaa, the decline of the monastery had already begun.

The year 1445 saw the completion of a large gate tower with the forecourt as well as residential and household quarters on the south-western side. Also, it was probably not until then that the vaulting of the abbey church was completed.
When the Russian troops invaded Estonia and Livonia towards the end of the 1550s, the last Master of the Order of Livonia Gotthard Kettler feared that the Swedes would seize the monastery-fortress. He therefore took possession of Padise at the end of 1558, and the following year expropriated the monastery, disbanded the brotherhood, and declared all the buildings and lands to be the property of the Order. The main building of the monastery was converted into a military fortress. During the Livonian War the Swedish troops took the monastery in the autumn of 1561. In 1576, having conquered Läänemaa, the Russian troops reached Padise. The monastery was under siege for two days, after which it surrendered on February 20, 1576.

In this video I used a radio broadcast from 1958 with voices of legendary radio reporter Valdo Pant and famous historian Villem Raam, who were talking about the history of Padise Monastery.

Music by Tiiu Kiik

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