Set in the distant future, where all out nuclear war has wiped out most of mankind and left the Earth uninhabitable. Those who survived live underground in a brutal and oppressive society. After a satellite crashes somewhere on the earth's highly toxic surface, a scavenger is sent to retrieve it by any means necessary. But what he doesn't know is that he may not be alone out there.

Alex Roderick Parslow
Zachary Vitale (as Zach Sanchez)
Cooper Bombadil
Josh Davis
Kellie Lou
Courtney Gomez (VO)
Kevin Crowe (VO)

Story by Benjamin Parslow
Screenplay by Benjamin Parslow and Alex Roderick Parslow
Cinematography by Ray Buckley (as Alles Mist)
Produced by Thomas Parslow
Edited by Alles Mist
Gaffer Cooper Gango
Electrician Jake Quinsey
PA's - Tim Freels, Brad Freels
MUA's - Mark Hayes, Cait Nolan, Carly Wampler, Jessi DiGiovanna
VFX by Brandon Miletta of Quality Effects
Prologue Artwork by Chris Fontaine
Poster Artwork by Daniel Norris
Directed by Benjamin Parslow

Interview on the process and experience:


35 min. Presented in Cinemascope


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