This is simply a test showing the default Picture Styles along with additional styles created by others.

Picture styles are all based on preference but there are factors contributing to the quality of each style; they all have advantages or disadvantages.

In this example you can see that in some styles the orange WWII book seems almost the same color as the red Cinematic Motion book. Also, the blue on the bottom of the Pepsi logo appears to be black. Some styles are better at representing the true colors. Also note how the red book can sometimes bleed a little more with different styles.

The "latitude" seems greater in some styles such as the AdvancedFlat or the SuperFlat. These styles will give you more flexibility in post because you have more information or data that is there. For instance, at the edge of the newspaper you can see the thin lines of the crossword squares on some styles very clearly, while on others the edge is completely blown out. In the shadows there is also more information. Look at the table right below the table top and you can see how worn the paint is, you will never see that on the Standard picture style. However, if you don't plan on doing any work in post then you might not want to shoot so flat and shoot something that looks good right off the bat.

My favorite style is setting the camera to 3,-4,-4,0. It seemed to give the most accurate colors, while sharp enough to read the words clearly on the books, and also give a decent amount of "latitude" in the shadows and highlights. However, if I want to shoot something where I plan on doing a lot of post work then I might choose AdvancedFlat or SuperFlat. But that's just me.

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