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Last weekend I cycled The Navvy Road as a part of my training for the Tour d'Afrique.

Rallarvegen (The Navvy Road) is the name of a construction road in Norway, built in connection with the construction of the Bergensbanen and Flåmsbanen raillines. It runs from Haugastøl to Finse to Myrdal station to Flåm.

The road is named after the 'rallar' or navvies, the railway construction workers.

The road is now a popular bicycle road. Every year, in the short season from July to September, over 20000 cyclists travel the route.

Audio: Philter - Mono Meditation

Canon 5Dmk2
Canon 16-35mm 2.8
Canon 85mm 1.8
Canon 50mm 1.4
Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3

Most of the shots are with the Panasonic compact camera. I brought the 5D for photos mainly, still learning to shoot videos with the DSLR.

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