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An amazingly talented group of people came together to turn this impeccable video titled "Goddess" into a reality. Special thanks goes out to...
Rob Anderson - Creative Director / Editor,
Chris Waage - Executive Producer,
Melitsa Waage - Executive Producer / Goddess,
Kristin Silvestri - Producer / Wardrobe Supervisor,
Zack Reininger - Still Photography,
Vicky Casciola - Hair Stylist,
Josh "Roo" Wixom - Hair Stylist,
Jill Welch - Hair Stylist,
Khrista Khwaja - Hair Stylist,
Angie Lum - Make-up,
Cassandra Kalelkini - Make-up,
Jessica Sanchez - Make-up,
Amber Bugg - Goddess,
Jessa Hinton - Goddess,
Jessica Tuell - Goddess,
Kendra Haney - Goddess,
Maria Friederichs - Goddess,
Michelle Allen - Goddess,
Stay tuned for the Full Version coming soon...

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