Anthony Gallegos has been skating for this profile since before we had even planned on making it a Chosen Few Profile. Chosen Few filming has been going on for a little over a year but Anthony has been filming this for nearly 2 years. I can not even begin to describe how unbelievable and dedicated this guy is. He can skate anything. Literally anything. He will not only skate obstacles no one would ever think of skating, he will session them. He won't just do a soul on it either he will get tech on it. Among being a outrageously good skater he is also one of the most positive and humble people you will ever meet.
I have never been more honored and proud to release anything more then this profile. Anthony your the man! now sit back and prepare to be fucking amazed!!
-Quinn Feldman

All songs are in the credits. during the whole deal at that last spot.

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