"Credit derivatives are the most likely cause of a financial system crash."

"You can't hedge the risks posed by asset deflation except by selling inflated assets."

"October 1987 is the model for the next financial crash."

"The larger the debt, the bigger the debt deflation. Expect a long, slow economic crash."

"The U.S. will not repay its foreign debt."

"Hyperinflation of the dollar, if it happens, will be political and not economic or monetary event."

"Since the time of the South Sea bubble, financial bubbles have been created by governments in order for governments to dispose of public debt."

"The U.S. government wants to exchange social security claims for stocks so that stocks can be inflated and then allowed to crash, to wipe out the entitlement liability."

"Most corporate balance sheet growth over the past few years is fictitious capital, what used to be called 'watered costs."

"The U.S. corp. sector is fragile due to excessive use of debt and leverage for the past several years."

"There will be a huge asset grab and re-imbursement."

"Hardly any money is spent on assets, rather, 99.9% of monetary payments are spent in assets."

"There will be mass defaults on mortgages and losses of houses to people with ready cash."

"The banks will allow people to stay in their houses, payments owned will be added on to the mortgages, and debt will go up without any money changing hands."

"US housing debt will mimic the 1970s Brazilian compound interest curve."

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