Drools 5.0 introduced the Business Logic integration Platform which provides a unified and integrated core for Rules, Workflow and Event Processing.

This session will focus on the new functionality introduced in Drools 5.1. A deep dive into core capabilities of Drools Expert, Flow and Fusion. Learn about integration with Spring, Camel and CXF and how they can be combined for declarative services. Find out how Drools Fusion delivers complex event processing (CEP) capabilities to build active decision management applications. Learn more about BPMN2 and the standards-based BPM implementation in DroolsFlow.

Presenter: Mark Proctor received his B.S. Eng. in Engineer Science and Technology and then his M.S. in Business and Information Systems; both from Brunel University, West London. His M.S. thesis was in the field of Genetic Algorithms; which is where he first got his interest for anything AI related.

Mark became involved in the Drools expert system project at an early stage and soon became its project lead. Mark then joined JBoss (later acquired by RedHat) as an employee when the Drools project was federated into the JBoss JEMS stack. Having developed a powerful expert system, Mark is now turning his attention to other declarative paradigms in an effort to unify them to allow for richer domain modeling environments.

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