Reading, commentary, and dialogue from the English translation of the Sanskrit Ribhu Gita.

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36. I am Consciousness alone. I am possessed of divine Knowledge. I am without any words to express myself. I am Brahman alone.

37. I have no meaning. "This" is without meaning. I am devoid of the meaning of all. I am Brahman alone.

38. I am ever pure, enlightened, eternal, totally blemishless. I am of the nature of the ever-blissful. I am Brahman alone.

39. I am of the nature of the eternal Perfection. I am Existence-Consciousness-Bliss. I am of the nature of nonduality alone. I am Brahman alone.

40. I am of the nature that cannot be described. I am without beginning and without end. I am not of the nature of insentient matter. I am Brahman alone.

41. I am without any sankalpa of my own. I am devoid of all nescience. I am all. I am That itself; I am Brahman alone.

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