In USA there are millions upon millions of phantom Americans. These are the children of undocumented workers whose parents brought them here from south of the US/MX border to the United States, after the 1986 amnesty. It is not their fault they came here undocumented, they are as American as anybody. They especially need the US to give them unconditional amnesty now!!! They were educated here, went to college here, and are American as anybody, but if ICE finds them, they go back to Mexico, and are not allowed a Visa for 10 years after that.

We are in post production of a documentary about the US/MX border. Originally, we went down to the border to make my film to embarrass the US Government into doing their job. What we found is they are doing their job. The border is much more secure than it was in 1995. Now, they are building too many fences.

Our film crew traveled the entire border from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico, filming and interviewing on BOTH sides of the border. After compiling all of the interviews from folks working and living on both sides of the US/MX border, the conclusion is inescapable. The walls we have, don’t really work, and are only a "Speed Bump." New walls will not work. (Except as a multi-billion dollar speed bump) All the walls in Tijuana have done is drive up the death rate of undocumented workers.

BLEEDING BORDERS is a fresh look at the US/MX border issues. While the border is not completely secure right now, it is much more secure than back in 1995 when thousands of people streamed across nightly. You cannot completely secure a 2,000 mile long border, it would take an Army of at least 200,000 soldiers, and we are not at war with Mexico, they are our second largest export trading partner, and our 3rd largest import trading partner.

One thing stands clear after all of our interviews. It is STUPID to build a wall on any River Section of the Border, or in the middle of the desert for that matter. The river and the desert are themselves natural barriers. It is easier to put a ladder over a wall, than make it across the river without drowning. Undocumented workers from all over the world drown in the river and the deserts all the time.


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