(Please note that the newer version of this video, the one that was shown at the meeting of the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods and the Concordia Neighborhood Association, can be found here: vimeo.com/20762135)

An exploration of just how much money we're being asked to pour into the Columbia River Crossing freeway project, what that money buys us, and what some of the alternatives might be.

This video evolved from one I did for Robert Liberty's Alternatives Panel:


I believe the earlier version comes in about five minutes into the discussion.

I can't thank Councilor Liberty enough for the encouragement and suggestions he offered, and for simply offering a venue in which citizens could air their concerns about the CRC.

If you're interested in the CRC you might also want to check out an earlier set of videos on the topic by artist Nick Falbo: vimeo.com/5419704 Nick contributed the bridge models I used in my video.

Another artist named Joshua Cohen also contributed art. Joshua runs a studio called Fat Pencil: fatpencilstudio.com

Mara Gross of Coalition for a Livable Future was a great source of ideas and inspiration: clfuture.org.

Joe Cortright produced the study I mentioned in the video, the one that shows how much more this thing could cost than initial estimates suggest. Check it out: plaidpantry.com/CRC_Financial_Analysis_by_Impresa_Inc.pdf

I had hoped this video might help Bob Stacy's run for the Metro President election. Aw well. Hopefully he'll keep up the fight. Here - bobstacey.com/blog/solutions-crc - Bob points out something that my video may not have made clear: All these big stacks of money have yet to be found! (Except, of course, for the stacks that are being devoted to planning the CRC - somewhere between one to two hundred million at this point.) As Bob explains, the CRC, “is absolutely unaffordable: neither congressional nor state legislators have indicated willingness to appropriate the $3.6 billion to $4.2 billion sought for it, and borrowing such huge sums would impair the region’s ability to make other needed transportation improvements for years to come.”

Exactly! That's what I meant to say!

Finally, I highly recommend you to seek out and listen to the things Jim Howell and Ron Buel have to say about the CRC. These guys helped stop the Mount Hood Freeway, and they might just stop this boondoggle too.

Music by Lucas Gonze. Check out the rest of his work! soupgreens.com/

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