Second film by Alex-Gumi Production Group. Written, directed, produced, edited by me, Alex Paille.
Special effects by Nishi-zo (Yoshihiro Nishimura-Tokyo Gore Police). Casting by Sion Sono and Alex Paille. In association with Zero's Action Team (Tak Sakaguchi).

Made as a self-study project, under the valiant guidance and influence of Sion Sono, YOU+ME=LOVE is my vision of Love Exposure. Four characters expose the love they have without any restraint. I can't say any more than that, I don't wanna ruin it. The film is 40 minutes and is open to invitations in Festivals and Competitions. Send me a message if you see interest in this film.

This is a super independent film, entirely financed and thought up by me. 100% Alex Paille (my name is pronounced Pa-Yay) My first film, Karma (written by Sion Sono) and this one, are preparations for what's to come in the near future. I strive and work my ass off to become a director. Japan has been very kind to me, and surely with more luck and hard work, more of my movies will pop up, and each next one will be better than the last (did that last sentence make any sense?)
Check out my blog at for news of Alex-Gumi (gumi means clan, family in Japanese).

I hope to become known for being a director who learned everything from scratch in Japan, not by going to school, but by learning from the man himself, Sion Sono. You can see a bit of his style in mine. So, If you like his films, I hope you'll also enjoy my work.

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