----Unfortunately this project has been delayed indefinitely due to lack of funding----

'Navigating the Desert' is a documentary that explores the Australian Outback in a state of flood. For the first time in 20 years the Cooper Creek has flooded. How did the water get here after six months travelling thousands of miles from Queensland ? Why is the world's most exclusive yacht club holding it's first regatta in the middle of this desert ?

'Navigating the Desert' dispels the myths around the floods that flow into Lake Eyre, the nearby salt lake that covers 10,000 square kilometres, and talks to the people that have come from all over Australia to ride these floods over the last 35 years.

The floods are also examined with a broader scientific perspective talking with Climatologists, Hydrologists and Ecologists.

Produced by Mike Wilkins
Directed by Paul Roberts
Cinematography & Post by Mike Wilkins

* You can see my 2011 Cinematography reel here: vimeo.com/18777714

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