Taken from Solo Exhibition Opening Performance of
Tilman Porschuetz at Platoon/Seoul,
Directed by Kara Van & Tilman Porschuetz
Performed by Ahn Jisuk
Photography Tres Kim
Produced by Benjamin Domrich
Other performers: Imran Haniff (London), Lenny Correa (lnylnylny), Baik Kyuhee (Knocksteady), Takahito Irie(Hana Hanako, Shalom Salon), Philipp Schoepfer (45 Kilo, Cindy Sizer, Shalom Salon, Benjamin Domrich (DJ Team, Shalom Salon), E HyunJoon (EE, Foundation)
literally Rough Cleaning and Return

A research project on the conditions and moral standards of work.

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