The Norwegian singer Cecilia, who also appeared on Show # 130 with Claire Heartsong, is renowned for her crystal clear voice. She grew up North of the Arctic Circle, where the people have to cope with 3 months of darkness during the winter. They have learned to bring light into darkness. Cecilia's astonishingly beautiful voice has often been requested, and never more so than now after the terrorist attacks in the USA.

Cecilia's unique voice reaches 3 octaves, singing everything from pop to classical. She has 6 years of classical training from conservatories in Norway, Denmark and Germany. Instead of continuing the classical way, an unfulfilled dream came through. Cecilia started to train with a singing teacher in New York, Oren Brown, who was renowned for finding a singer's natural voice rather than trying to shape their voice.

Cecilia started her career in 1994 singing for 5,000 people in Sydney, Australia. Her first album, "Voice of the Feminine Spirit", went gold there, selling more than 50,000 copies. This album has so far sold 200,000 copies with almost no marketing. This album includes her famous rendition of "Amazing Grace".

Cecilia started touring with such prominent speakers as Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson and Stuart Wilde. All best selling authors, selling millions of books worldwide.

The music on Cecilia's second album, released in most continents during the summer of 1997, was a collaboration between producer and composer David Lord and lyricist Stuart Wilde. David Lord is best known for his work with Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, and Jean Michel Jarre among others. The album was called "Voice of Violet 19".

On the basis of these two albums, this very talented Nordic singer found the interest of PolyGram's staff in Norway. Cecilia signed a recording deal with PolyGram/ Universal Music Norway in 1997. Universal Music Norway released her third album, "Inner Harmony", in 1999.

During the summer of 1999, Cecilia moved to Los Angeles. She signed an agreement with Northern Light Music to develop her style and music. She has been working on different directions and has been giving concerts in the USA. In 2001 Northern Light Music released a Christmas album, "Let There Be Peace On Earth".

Cecilia has been requested to promote Spirit Aid 2002. She will do promotion worldwide singing the theme song for the event, which will take place at a 60,000-seat stadium in Glasgow, Scotland, in July 2002, and broadcasted by BBC to 1 billion people.

Cecilia uses her powerful and heart touching voice to sing uplifting and inspiring lyrics and is also a member of the Board of Advisors of The Bridging Heaven & Earth Foundation.

Morning is both a professor and doctor of an indigenous plant, light, and energy medicine known as "Raphaology." Based on the combined research and work of Morning and her late husband, Jonathan, Raphaology applies the study and application of practical aspects of the healing traditions of Shamans, Medicine Men, Pharaohs, Sages, and other indigenous healers--synthesizing them into astounding medical practices and a curriculum of natural healing. Morning is internationally recognized as an expert in revitalizing lost and extinct cultural healing arts. Her specialty is an herbal and plant (phyto) medicines and nutrients. Morning combines ancient practical modalities with modern cutting edge technology that is holistic and non-invasive--yet so advanced that, it has been said, no other form of medicine can equal its ability to determine cause and achieve desired results.

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