Revolution 618 TV Episode 9 "Wilderness Outcry" Hosted by Josh and Melissa Jamison with Tom Blauvelt.
Directed and Produced by Bryan Kreutz
Originally aired May 3, 2010 on the Christian Television Network.
Focusing primarily on Prayer the hosts introduce the Wilderness Outcry event on June 14-18th sponsored primarily by Dutch Sheets Ministries crying out in the Wilderness for Christ. Encouraging viewers to pray about making a tent camping trip to Poplar Bluff, MO at Mount Moriah and join the hundred thousand people anticipated to be present at this event. It's time for our generation to see a move of God; the vision is about restoring the dreams of God to our generation. The 60’s Event Woodstock are referenced in this episode as a comparable type of event that will take place yet instead of free love from the world the event will be known as free love from God. Melissa Jamison explains that the world stole purity as well as innocence from a generation at Woodstock in Bethel, NY and this Christian Woodstock event Wilderness Outcry will be restoring the purity of Christ. The event formerly called Wilderness Outcry was changed to the prayer gathering on Moriah Ranch called Prayer At Moriah shortly after airing this episode.

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