Bohm is a zen-like and soothing experience about creating a tree.

As a player you explore the level of interaction you have. Discovering the different ways you control and manipulate your tree is all part of the game experience.

Bohm is about slow gameplay. Growing, creating branches, pushing your tree into strange shapes, and discovering how beautiful and relaxing these simple processes can be.

Every tree is generated procedurally while you play. As the tree grows, so does the adaptive music. Both change and evolve over time, under the influence of buttons pressed and decisions made.

Bohm is not about winning, but about letting yourself get carried away in an aesthetic and auditory poetic experience. An interactive homage to the beauty, slowness and peace of nature.

* Bohm is an IGF 2011 Nuovo Award finalist


Concept, visuals and game design by Monobanda
Powered by Cannibal Game Studios
Adaptive music by Claynote
Supported by Gamefonds

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