Student graduating film made in 2008 at Belgrade Faculty of Dramatic Arts.

A young couple inspects a house on sale. Inside the deserted mansion resides a dark secret revealed to them by a mysterious old man.
SEKTOR is a romance horror that takes place everywhere at every moment.
Why is it that with the best of intentions we do horrible things to those we love the most? Does evil haunt the souls of lovers or does possessiveness poison their blood and paralyze the mind?
A fateful decision leads to sacrifice...

Starring: Srdjan Todorovic, Nada Sargin, Bojan Dimitrijevic, Marko Milosevic MKDSL
Directed by: Nenad Pavlovic
Screenplay by: Bojan Dimitrijevic
Cinematography by: Marko Gligorijevic
Edited by: Vladimir Komnenic
Music by: Dunduew
Running time: 32 min
Production: Film House Bas Celik

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