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In the first set of tests "the plant" I bounce the sound back and forth from the Canon to the Nikon just give you an idea of the sound quality from the built-in mic. I left Canon's lens stabilization on so you'll hear a bit of IS noise, but for the most part the audio is much louder from the Canon 7D in comparison to the Nikon D7000. Not necessarily better, just louder.

In the second test "Livingroom" it looks like the Canon 7D might not have been focused properly so please only use this test for noise. I will do more testing over the weekend to test sharpness, the 7D's video AF mode, and more.


The Nikon D7000 just landed this morning, giving me only a couple of hours to put together this ISO noise comparison test. A few things that surprised me were:

In Manual mode, the Nikon D7000 locks the aperture once you switch to live view mode. This makes it very cumbersome to switch the aperture - forcing you to leave Live View mode, change the aperture, and jumping back into live view mode.

The Nikon D7000 shows you the time remaining when video recording - a great feature and something that should be on all HDSLR's.

The noise levels of the D7000, at least in video mode, were not as clean as I had expected them to be and truthfully the 7D looks cleaner than the D7000 at ISO 1600 and maybe even 3200. Beyond that they both fall apart.

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