Rigging Dojo presents: Anatomy for rigging and modeling with Jeff Hesser
Improve your work and understanding of joint movement in the Human Body. A must see if you’re a TD, Animator or Modeler.

Anatomy is the foundation of art and animation. To improve our understanding of anatomy in motion,
Jeff will go beyond the books and showcase the articulation of the human skeleton as a 3d form.

To quote the great Chuck Jones, “Show me the skeleton of an animal, and I will tell you how it must move.”

Josh, Brad, Chad

About Jeff Hesser:

Jeff Hesser is a digital artist and an expert in anatomy, traditional sculpture and drawing. His experience with game art includes working on the character modeling team at Harmonix and as an anatomy consultant at Turbine.
Jeff is an award winning faculty member at the Rhode Island School of Design. He also taught graduate students of figurative art at the New York Academy of Art for years. He has taught well-received workshops in sculpture, anatomy and drawing at Turbine and Fisher-Price.
In 2006, he was honored with RISD’s award for excellence in teaching.


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