Hawaiian wedding of Kathryn + Dwight Aubrey
Wedding coordination by
I like the Beach setup I have attached with the fuchsia pink and orange, it's simple yet beautiful!
I would like a conch shell blowing
a Christian Hawaiian minister
2 tiered cake with a fuchsia and orange ribbon on each tier
a ukulele playing somewhere over the rainbow for wedding song
a double male lei for the groom and a male lei for whomever walks me down the isle
a nice bouquet for me and maybe a flower for my hair.
maybe 2-4 leis for the guest of honor
I will be needing 1 limo for now for about 8 people. I haven't decided if I'll make the other guest rent cars to keep the budget down.
Maybe a 3-4 bottles of champagne for a toast.I would like to change the cake flavor to vanilla cherry swirl. I just read that you had that flavor and it sounds delicious!!! I still would like it decorated with a fuchsia and orange ribbon on each tier and fresh flowers. Also I would like a tropical multi-flower bouquet for myself and my maid of honor.
Hawaiian flowers and design by
Photography and Video by: lotuStar.com
My maid of honor would also like a large orange flower for her hair or a cluster of orange flowers. For the groom and best man I would like single tea leave male leis with a couple of orange and pink or pinkish-orange Plumerias thrown in. I would also need a male lei for whoever walks me down the isle if my father can't make it. I would also need 2 family leis. One for his aunt and one for my mother.
arriving september 20th

meet 21st 10:00am

Guest count at 15

Departing September sunday go to Maui

wedding theme .. fuscia/ orange / light pinks / yellow

flower basket for flower girl : Miyah .................
Maid of Honor :Flo V

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