melbourne album launch for the new record 'Patience'.

as the recent Pitchfork review of that very record states :
"It's funny that, out of 30-plus releases over 23 years, the Dead C decided to call this one Patience. Many of their other records have actually required patience-- both from the New Zealand trio and their audience.... Come to think of it, maybe Patience refers to what the album rewards if you've been waiting for the Dead C to return the rock-rubbing style of [early] songs. For such followers, the trio represents a unique step sideways from rock convention... Patience closes with a track that might seem to contradict my back-to-the-rock thesis. "South" starts with seven minutes of slow chords and amorphous din, more like lost radio transmissions than music. But it eventually coalesces into a sticky beat, before descending into echoing feedback that somehow swings. In its own way, "South" rocks as solidly as the three tracks that preceded it. But it also serves as a nice reminder that the Dead C not only do a fine job of destroying rock, they're pretty good at sifting through the rubble, too."

performed to 'rapturous' crowd of Australians (and much of Melbourne's population of noise-savvy New Zealanders), October 3rd, 2010. also on the bill - Joel Stern and Marco Fusinato.

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