Guest INFO
Name: Steve Younis
Location: NSW Australia
Occupation: Graphic Designer/Web Designer
DOB: September 16, 1971
Superman Homepage Contribution: Owner, Editor-in-Chief

Coolest thing to happen to you because of working on the site: Meeting all the wonderful people who share the same crazy passion that I do. :)
I love Superman because: He does the right thing simply because it's the right thing to do.

STEVE YOUNIS, Owner/Editor-in-Chief

NEAL BAILEY, Staff Writer/Reviewer/Assistant Editor
BARRY FREIMAN, Staff Writer/Reviewer/Assistant Editor

STEVE WRIGHT, Forums Moderator
DAWN JONES, Forums Moderator
NOAH RUNZO, Forums Moderator

Main Staff, Writers & Reviewers:
Jeffrey Bridges
Michael Bailey
Adam Dechanel
Peter T. McDermott
Douglas Trumble Scotty V
Jeffrey Taylor
G.V. Golwitzer
James Lantz
Ralph Silver

Superman is a registered trademark of the WB all rights reserved to them we're only fans.

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