What do you do when the giants of your life show their ugly faces?
Do you run? Hide? Shake your fist at them? Do you acknowledge God in the face of your giant? Sometimes troubles come at us and they seem larger than life! Circumstances that literally feel like more than we can handle. For the next several weeks we are going to take a look at the giants in our lives and hopefully start to make headway in defeating them!

Join us as we start our new sermon series called,

"Defeating Your Giants."

09-12-2010 Defeating Your Giants - Introduction
09-19-2010 The Giant of Fear
09-26-2010 The Giant of Lust
10-03-2010 The Giant of Self Pity
10-10-2010 The Giant of Worry
10-17-2010 The Giant of Guilt
10-24-2010 The Giant of Discouragement

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