This film is titled "Ghond" and was filmed on June 2010.
Artist Ioanna Pantazopoulou is wearing the "MATA HARI DRESS" from
collection #1 act #2 of Thanos Kyriakides' BLIND ADAM Project.
She wanders hauntingly around the historical Tombazis Mansion on Hydra Island, Greece.

This film intends to capture and portray the journey of a "timeless entity" that transcends through a domestic space, whilst leaving a trail of momentary traces of existence.


Artwear by Blind Adam
Film Direction/Editing: Stavro Christo Vlachakis
Art Direction: Thanos Kyriakides
Performer: Ioanna Pantazopoulou
Music: "8" by Tod Dockstader (The Smithsonian Institution / http://
Hair and Make up: Dimitri Zafiriou

Courtesy: Hydra School Projects

Special Thanks to:
School of Fine Arts, Athens
The Smithsonian Institution ( http://
Hydra School Projects

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