This is a trailer for 'Together: Dancing with Spinner Dolphins', the debut film of the Dolphin Dance Project, which can be downloaded at

If you would like to support the production of a full length dance film and documentary, please visit our Donate page ( ). Donations of $50 or more will receive a DVD of 'Together' and our heartfelt thanks.

The Pacific Spinner Dolphins in this film are wild; their participation in the dance was completely voluntary. They were not rewarded or coerced by anything other than their own curiosity and joy to interact with intelligent, playful members of another species - just like the human dancer. Recognizing that we are guests in the dolphins' environment, the filmmakers followed a strict code of etiquette. There was never any attempt to interact if dolphins were resting or showed any sign of annoyance or disinterest.

This film is intended to inspire increased respect for wild dolphins and concern for their well-being and their environment.

To learn more about the threats faced by wild dolphins, please visit our Protect page:

'Together: Dancing with Spinner Dolphins' (3 min, 33 sec), 2010

conceived and
directed by
Chisa Hidaka

performed by
Chisa Hidaka and
wild Pacific Spinner Dolphins

produced by
Benjamin Harley
Chisa Hidaka and
Loui Terrier for
Dolphin Dance Project

Bryce Groark

courtesy of ECM
"The Sea VIII"
Ketil Bjornstad
David Darling
Terje Rypdal
Jon Christensen

The trailer was written and adapted by Benjamin Harley.

©2010 Dolphin Dance Project

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