Ciaran Walsh
1min 14 sec

Cad is Ainm Dom | What's My Name is an animated slideshow that deals with the development of stereotypical images of Irishness out of ethnographic photography in the west of Ireland in the 19th century. The piece begins with 'The Real Thing', a photo take in Kilkee, Co Clare - possibly by Robert French of Lawrence and company - in the 1880s. This photograph is part of a series on the Irish character that was assembled by Lawrence. R4720 refers to the original listing number of the glass plate, now stored in the National Photographic Archive in Dublin.

'Cad is Ainm Dom | What's My Name' how this image became the basis for postcards that were published between 1902 and 1910, postcards that promote an increasingly stereotype image of Paddy. This is contrasted with a message from Eileen to her Mum, a poignant and personal counterpoint to ethnic typing.

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