A short preview version of the fulldome movie "Frozen in Time."

What you see here is a 400x400 pixel web version, stereo audio - ~80MB in h.264. The 4k fulldome version is about 200GB.

The image is circular because it is in equi-azimuthal fisheye projection - meaning that it is designed to be projected onto a large hemispherical dome surface surrounding the viewer.

You have to imagine that the azimuth of the dome is the centre of the image, the bottom of the image lies straight ahead of you and the top and left/right fills your peripheral vision to completely immerse you in the scene.

The original is available at 3200/3600/4096 resolution, 5.1 surround sound, 30fps - creating a startling immersive introduction to the Cape Denison environment.

Produced, Directed, Visualisation and Audio by Peter Morse, with thanks to Paul Bourke (Western Australian Supercomputer Project (WASP), UWA); Pete Wheeler & Carley Tillett (Horizon): Horizon - the Planetarium at Scitech.

Especial thanks to the Mawson's Huts Foundation (David Jensen and Rob Easther) and the Australian Antarctic Division (Bruce Hull) for making it all possible.

©Peter Morse 2008 petermorse.com.au

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