This is an episodic film series and digital platform which is focused on exploring humanity's most powerful connection: a one to one connection.

The first scene of the first episode is in pre-production, scheduled to shoot in March 2011.

// About Episode One:

"Down in New Orleans hearts break like levees."

A young man "Eli", enjoying his youth and independence,
Unaware of the news he would receive, news that would change the way he sees life and his relationship with the ones he loves.

Eli finds himself on the brink of unraveling. his fate strangely tied to his estranged and unemotional uncle. This force challenges Eli to look inside himself and face the the thing he had been running from.

// About the Production (in motion)

The screen play was written by Kataalyst Alcindor and co-written by David Reece. It will be directed and filmed by brothers David and Benjamin Reece, creators of "50 People, One Question" as seen here.

All of the cast of this film are renowned New Orleans spoken word artists and Actors: Sunni Patterson as Aunt Bev (Beverly Dumas), Chuck Perkins as Uncle Joe (Joseph Dumas), Ladson Dyne as the priest, Tessica Williams as Eli’s mother (Agatha Alcindor), Gamal Chasten as the shooter, and Kataalyst Alcindor as Eli. Also featuring an original score by Chazz Knapp as seen here(

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