On Wednesday, 3 November 2010, the World Preservation Foundation is launching a conference in partnership with Dods, the first name in political information and communications, to address the urgent need to find near term solutions to climate change. The conference is to be held in the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London.

The conference will be streamed live on our website from 10AM GMT on Wednesday 3 November 2010.

Speakers on the day include:

* Geoff Tansey (Food Ethics Council)
* Dr David Vaughan (British Antarctic Survey)
* Dr Ester van der Voet (UNEP)
* Dr. Patrick Brown (Stanford University, CA, USA)
* Anthony Kleanthous (WWF)
* Dr. Joel Fuhrman MD
* Philippe Cousteau Jr (Earth Eco International)
* Jens Holm (Member of Swedish Parliament)
* Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr. MD

Scientific evidence shows that the strong bias of current mitigation efforts toward carbon dioxide emissions reduction will not produce results sufficient to halt global warming in time to stop irreversible tipping points being passed.

This conference seeks to bring to the forefront the crucial role of reducing shorter lived non CO2 climate forcers – methane, black carbon and tropospheric ozone – as an urgently needed solution at this point in time to help halt further rises in temperatures and climate change.

Renowned scientists and environmentalists will present evidence on how the accelerated rate of climate change is having devastating impacts now around the world, covering such topics as global food and water security, sinking islands, the global biodiversity crisis, the melting of glaciers worldwide and the destruction of our oceans.

Delegates will include members of parliament, NGOs, members of media, local government, celebrities and a cross section of civil society from different sectors.

In the run up to the COP16 UN climate change conference taking place just 4 weeks later in Mexico, this conference seeks to increase awareness about shorter-lived non-CO2 climate forcers and their pivotal role for an effective near term solution to climate change.

World Preservation Foundation is underlining the immediate need for governments, industry, NGOs and the public to take action now to prevent any further damage to our ecosystems and our planetary life support system.

Raising awareness of the effectiveness of the most inexpensive, fast-acting solutions to climate change.

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