ESI Design helped GE create a vibrant collaborative experience at TED 2010 where conference participants were inspired to capture their ideas and build on them with others – onsite, across the Web and beyond.

TED is the ultimate meeting ground for sharing ideas that can help solve the world’s biggest challenges. As a leading sponsor of imagination, GE offered TED participants a way to transform their conversations into a dynamic collective response to TED 2010 built together with others at the conference.

ESI designed talk@TED, a connected platform of physical and virtual experiences that enabled participants to share their ideas with others and create new connections. talk@TED featured an inviting social space where visitors could meet, watch the TED simulcast, record their own short video “talks” inside three luminescent interactive media towers, and watch other participant responses on the collage of video screens on the outside of the towers. Inside the talk@TED booths, visitors were invited to record ideas that were fresh on their minds following the TED speaker talks, and to describe connections that they made among the diverse themes and topics presented at TED and beyond. Responses ranged from direct responses to speakers to expansions on themes to a creatively inspired musical response.

As the conference progressed and more participants added their videos to the collection, the mosaic of people and light in the towers changed and grew with the energy of the conference itself. The videos were also saved and shared with visitors at, on GE’s website, and on other social media platforms.

By the end of TED 2010, nearly 70 amazing talks were captured, and GE helped participants co-create a collaborative multi-channel experience where imagination could spread and grow.

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