Marty Lane is a serious film maker, but after a string of flops, no film studios will take him seriously. Instead they only want him to remake “The Future Kids”, his hit 9O’s children’s TV show. Despondent, Marty sinks into a depression and only Robyn, his niece, is able to encourage him to keep trying. After yet another film project gets rejected, a chance meeting with his old Production Assistant on Future Kids, Ed, sets him on a path he thought he didn’t want to tread. And discovers a project he never knew he started...

A film Written & Produced by Andrew Kent & Beth Roo Williams. Directed by Beth Roo Williams.

* Winner of the Vic Curry Best Comedy Plate, Kent Film Festival 2011.

* Winner of the Best Acting Cup, SERIAC 2011

* Awarded Five Stars & the KPM Music Prize at BIAFF 2011

(c) Kanga Reel Productions & Black Box Film Productions 2009

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