This is the video registration of my graduation project for my Bachelor of Art and Technology degree at HKU Utrecht. Winner of the STRP Talent Pit Public’s Choice Award 2010.

Galtung Triangle visualizes the development of a conflict situation, from dialogue to battle, based on theories by Johan Galtung. The installation sets the visitor in a conflict zone.

Eight speakers and three projectors are positioned around the conflict zone, four speakers are situated beneath the sculpture. A top view of the total setup can be found in the flickr photo set.
A 'Making of' video, with more info about the concept and process, can be found here:

This project would never have been possible without the great amounts of help and knowledge contributed by the following people (in alphabetical order):

Michiel Braas - hardware support & octafonic panning
Jessica Dreu - sculpture realisation & photography
Pim Graus [.Pim] - av synchronisation with midi timecode -
Kijkbuiskinderen - hardware support
Steve Mensink - cable supplies & octafonic panning
Leo Meuffels - MFB speaker reparations
Leon Lubberdink [Dubberdink] - sound design & hardware support -
Vincent Schrijnemakers - transport & technical support
Bram Snijders [SITD] - sculpture design & realisation -
Carolien Teunisse [Lucidlien] - projection mapping & animation -

Special thanks to:
Protospace -
HKU KMT Utrecht

Scroll down for pictures of the project.

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